Play Therapy

Children naturally communicate using play. During play therapy, therapists help children process their emotions, thoughts, and experiences through the language children know best: play.

How it works

  •  During play therapy, the therapist and the child engage in pretend play, games, arts, crafts, storytelling, and other forms of creative expression. Throughout the session, the child has the freedom to play in a way that feels natural for them, and the therapist collaborates with the child to help them make meaning and learn new skills. In addition to play therapy, therapists usually meet with the client’s parents or legal guardians to teach them new ways to connect with their child and help them understand their child’s behavior.

Is Play Therapy right for my child?

  • Play therapy is typically appropriate for children ages 3 to 12, and it can be used to help children with a variety of concerns, such as depression, anxiety, stress,adjustment to life changes, academic difficulties, trauma, and more.

Benefits of Play Therapy

  • In play therapy children have a space to express difficult emotions, make sense of events in their life, and gain self-esteem. Children feel more connected to others and feel less overwhelmed by their feelings, resulting in fewer behavioral problems, anxiety, trauma symptoms, or relationship issues.

How play therapy helps common symptoms

  • Play therapy can help normalize clients symptoms and provide a safe place to communicate difficult feelings with the support from a therapist.

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