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Melissa Pavlik, LMFT

by rene marquez • January 27, 2020
Melissa Pavlik, LMFT I appreciate the courage it takes to be vulnerable and allow someone to hear your story. We all need an emotionally safe, non-judgmental space to connect, explore, and learn about oursevles. I believe you are the expert in your life and I can provide that space to guide you on your journey… Read More »

In Many Minneapolis Schools, the Therapist is Just Right Down the Hall

by Erin Weinberger • January 23, 2020

When Cathy Moen’s son, Elijah, was in first grade, he was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. She took him to the pediatrician, who put him on medication and suggested therapy. The medication part was easy. But getting him therapy proved more difficult — not because Moen couldn’t find a therapist or didn’t have insurance,… Read More »

Ways to Successfully Balance a Full Caseload as a Therapist

by Andrea Hutchinson • January 7, 2020

By: Bridget Eickhoff, MA, Alison Dolan, Psy.D., LP, and Andrea Hutchinson, Psy.D., LP Being a therapist can be a fulfilling and rewarding career. However, it can be hard to remember that therapists are humans who also experience anxiety, stress, and burnout. We took a survey of 30 clinicians at CARE Counseling asking what makes them… Read More »

How to De-Stress During the Holidays

by Erin Weinberger • January 7, 2020

Hannah Parish, M.A

by rene marquez • December 30, 2019
Hannah Parish M.A No matter where we’ve been, everybody longs to feel heard and understood. When you’re going through a difficult time, being able to process your emotions with someone is incredibly healing. I look forward to walking alongside you in this journey and hearing about your experience. I practice therapy from an open, affirming… Read More »

Holiday Stress Survival Tips

by Erin Weinberger • December 26, 2019

In International Falls, the last psychiatrist for 100 miles just retired

by Erin Weinberger • December 23, 2019

When Dr. Jeff Hardwig started his job as a psychiatrist in his hometown near the Canadian border, he wasn’t sure there was enough work for him. Pretty soon, it became clear that there was, in fact, plenty of work in International Falls, Minn., a town of 6,000 people. He split his time between a group family practice and community mental health center and… Read More »

Why Don’t Teachers Get Training on Mental Health Disorders

by Erin Weinberger • December 6, 2019

I love teaching writing; it’s where revelations happen, where children plumb the dark corners, nudge the sleeping dogs, and work out solutions to their most convoluted dilemmas. As much as I adore reading student work, I still get a little nervous about what I’ll find there. Among the stories of what my teenage students did… Read More »

Holiday Tips

by Dr. Alison Dolan • December 5, 2019

  I recently saw a meme on social media that said “It’s almost time for my normal anxiety to turn into my fancy holiday anxiety.” I had to chuckle when picturing anxiety showing up in a glittery ugly sweater or draped in all things sparkly. Humor aside, it shows that during the holidays, our existing… Read More »

7 Ways Loneliness (and Connectedness) Affect Mental Health

by See Original Link • November 15, 2019

Social connection is crucial for not only our overall health but our mental health as well. Learn how loneliness can detrimentally hurt us and ways that social connection can play an important factor in our lives