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Opioids And Substance Abuse: What Can We Do?

by See Original Link • June 30, 2018

Opioids and other substances that alter how we feel, think and act have overtaken our culture, and have been declared a public health epidemic. We are losing our loved ones, friends, co-workers and neighbors to these substances. But we have yet to implement the solutions that will beat back this epidemic, as we have so… Read More »

You Can Be Prepared For Crises

by See Original Link • June 26, 2018

Each year, there are about 5 million visits to emergency departments due to mental illness. Five million people whose symptoms escalate to the point of crisis. Five million people who don’t understand what’s going on or what to do and rush to the ER. However, this number doesn’t include the people who experience mental health crises without going to… Read More »

Why Do We Have The Feeling That We Are Not Enough?

by See Original Link • June 22, 2018

Mike believed he had a good life and felt lucky for all the things he had. He was married to a loving wife, had a good job, owned a nice house and had three healthy kids. Despite all his good fortune, Mike could not shake the nagging feeling that he wasn’t enough: “I should be… Read More »

The 7 Thought-Habits of Highly Self-Confident People

by See Original Link • May 18, 2018

Are there mental habits that will increase your self-confidence?  Most definitely. You’ll read about 7 such powerful thinking habits below. My last blog revealed the very best mental habit I know for building self-confidence: “The Daily Success Review.” This short and simple 3-minute procedure nudges you to tune into the little things you do right every day… Read More »

Are You A Chronic Self-Abandoner?

by See Original Link • May 5, 2018

Self-abandonment is a strange concept. How can you abandon yourself when you are always with you? If you’re well-schooled in the world of self-development, you may have an educated guess at what self-abandonment is: It’s when you don’t support yourself, right? Kind of. Essentially, self-abandonment is when you reject, suppress or ignore part of yourself in real-time. In other… Read More »

Is your stress changing my brain?

by See Original Link • April 3, 2018

Jaideep Bains, professor in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, and Toni-Lee Sterley, postdoctoral fellow in Bains’ lab and the study’s lead author. Credit: Adrian Shellard, Hotchkiss Brain Institute. In a new study in Nature Neuroscience, Jaideep Bains, PhD, and his team at the Cumming School of Medicine’s Hotchkiss Brain Institute (HBI), at the University of… Read More »

Recovery and St. Patrick’s Day

by See Original Link • March 16, 2018

Most often, when people in recovery from alcohol and drug dependence think about getting through the Holidays and staying sober, they think about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. These Holidays are sometimes referred to as the Bermuda Triangle of relapse. March 17th is often forgotten in the mix of holidays, despite its association with pubs, drinking, and… Read More »

The Messy Truth About Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

by See Original Link • March 6, 2018

I hear comments all the time: “My place is so perfect. I’m so OCD.” “No, it has to be neat and clean. I’m so OCD.” “You should see how I organized my Star Wars collection. I’m so OCD.” I was born with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). I struggled throughout my childhood, through multiple high schools and… Read More »

Why Don’t More Olympians Talk About Mental Illness?

by See Original Link • February 13, 2018

Many Olympians have talked about various health issues they’ve overcome, but so few have opened up about living with a mental health condition. This is surprising due to the immense mental component of being an Olympic athlete. Many Olympians have commented that the mental aspect of the game far exceeds the physical. So, coping with symptoms of… Read More »

Pets Help People Manage The Pain Of Serious Mental Illness

by See Original Link • December 15, 2017

(Check out this short compilation of baby goats! Mental illness can be isolating, making the companionship of pets even more precious. Any pet owner will tell you that their animal companions comfort and sustain them when life gets rough. This may be especially true for people with serious mental illness, a study finds. When people… Read More »