Ethical Guidelines

Charlotte Johnson, MA, LPCC

by rene marquez • February 6, 2019
Charlotte Johnson, MA, LPCC When bad days start to feel like bad weeks, know that you are not alone. It would be an honor to get to know you or your child better and develop an effective plan to address whatever challenges you may be facing at school, work, or home. Life can be very… Read More »

Katie Immerfall M.S

by rene marquez • February 6, 2019
Katie Immerfall M.S There are countless reasons why people seek therapy – whether it’s the daily stressors of life, relationship struggles, or painful experiences and emotions.  Challenges are a part of life, and no one is immune to them. Sometimes these challenges become too much to bear on our own, or we find that our efforts… Read More »

Maggie O’Malley, M.A.

by rene marquez • January 24, 2019
Maggie O'Malley, M.A. It takes courage to seek support, whether it be during times of suffering or during a period of change, and the focus of my practice is to provide support by working together to cultivate inner strength and self-understanding. I believe we are not meant to experience our lives alone and that we… Read More »

Loring Park relationships LISCW

How Do I Know If My Therapist Is Effective?

by See Original Link • December 19, 2018

By Laura Greenstein   It can be a challenge to find the “right” therapist for you. You might come across someone who has a degree from an impressive school, writes extensively on psychology and mental illness, gives lectures and talks, and still isn’t an effective therapist. And while it is important for therapists to be… Read More »

Amy Babcock, M.S.

by rene marquez • December 7, 2018
Amy Babcock, M.S. Sometimes in life we face challenges that make it feel like we are climbing Mt. Everest, and our struggles are like 500 lbs of gear we are carrying alone. Therapy is a place where you can come to unload some of those challenges and let someone help you carry some of the… Read More »