Anxiety & Depression

You Can Be Prepared For Crises

by See Original Link • June 26, 2018

Each year, there are about 5 million visits to emergency departments due to mental illness. Five million people whose symptoms escalate to the point of crisis. Five million people who don’t understand what’s going on or what to do and rush to the ER. However, this number doesn’t include the people who experience mental health crises without going to… Read More »

A Therapist’s Journey: Learning The Art Of Self-Soothing

by See Original Link • June 6, 2018

One day, I was standing on the back of my pickup truck and throwing away trash at the town dump when I had an experience that’s hard to describe. My head was swimming, my body felt electrified and I felt detached from the world and myself. A memory then trickled in: I was nine years… Read More »

Is It A Mental Health Problem? Or Just Puberty?

by See Original Link • June 1, 2018

We’re seeing epidemic levels of stress in children and teenagers, with increasing rates of clinical depression, anxiety and other coping problems. Fear, uncertainty and lack of control—factors that power stress—are ramped up in times of rapid, unpredictable change. And puberty is a time of massive change: hormonal, physical, sexual, social, cognitive and neurological. Puberty brings a level of volatility… Read More »

Must I Tell My Boss I’m Absent Because of Mental Illness?

by See Original Link • May 2, 2018

I am in treatment (weekly therapy and a drug regimen) for clinical depression and a panic disorder. They are, for the most part, very well managed. However, even the most well managed mental illness has flare-ups, during which I find it difficult to get out of bed, am plagued with suicidal thoughts or am so… Read More »

How Depression Made Me A Man

by See Original Link • March 27, 2018

“Be strong!” “Toughen up!” “Don’t cry!” Never did someone stand over me as a kid and yell, “Let it out! It’s okay to cry! It’s human to hurt!” From my football coaches to my own father, it seems as though the social norm for men is to be some kind of impenetrable mountain of muscle… Read More »

5 Myths That Prevent Men From Fighting Depression

by See Original Link • March 23, 2018

Depression can be hard to talk about—so hard that a lot of men end up silently struggling for years, only to reach out when they’ve hit rock bottom. Others, sadly, don’t reach out at all. This is one of the reasons why men account for 3.5 times the number of suicides as women.And depression is one of… Read More »

Record Numbers of College Students Are Seeking Treatment for Depression and Anxiety — But Schools Can’t Keep Up

by See Original Link • March 20, 2018

Not long after Nelly Spigner arrived at the University of Richmond in 2014 as a Division I soccer player and aspiring surgeon, college began to feel like a pressure cooker. Overwhelmed by her busy soccer schedule and heavy course load, she found herself fixating on how each grade would bring her closer to medical school.… Read More »

What To Do If Your Workplace Is Anxiety-Inducing

by See Original Link • February 27, 2018

There are so many aspects a job that can cause anxiety: having tight deadlines, trying to harmonize a work/life balance, dealing with office gossip and politics, meeting your supervisor’s expectations… the list goes on. Thanks to all this, most people who work will experience some anxiety at some point. But what do you do if… Read More »

Being The Person My 13-Year-Old Self Needed

by See Original Link • February 6, 2018

It started when I was 13; unbeknownst to me, I was dealing with depression and anxiety. During seventh grade, I was bullied quite a bit. I can clearly remember one time—a few girls were verbally ganging up on me at a lunch table in the cafeteria. Since I was cornered at the table, it was… Read More »

Teen Depression and Anxiety: Why the Kids Are Not Alright

by See Original Link • January 23, 2018

The first time Faith-Ann Bishop cut herself, she was in eighth grade. It was 2 in the morning, and as her parents slept, she sat on the edge of the tub at her home outside Bangor, Maine, with a metal clip from a pen in her hand. Then she sliced into the soft skin near… Read More »