Anxiety & Depression

Smiling Depression: What You Need to Know

by Amy Pierce • September 17, 2019

Smiling Depression” is a term used for individuals experiencing depression on the inside while appearing completely happy on the outside. Read more about the features of smiling depression and how to recognize common symptoms.

7 Tips for Disciplining a Depressed Child

by Amy Pierce • September 13, 2019

Children with depression may require a different approach when it comes to discipline. Check out these 7 helpful tips for how to discipline your child if they are depressed.

Laura Nelson

by rene marquez • September 6, 2019
Laura Nelson What is your story? How often do you feel heard? If you’re human, your story is complicated, beautiful, messy, and real. Every person deserves to feel heard and understood. Therapy can be a safe space to tell, process, and re-write your story, no matter how complicated or difficult. I will listen to your… Read More »

Kasim A. Abdur Razzaq, MSW, LICSW

by rene marquez • August 29, 2019
Kasim A. Abdur Razzaq, MSW, LICSW Life is not a steady constant, when change happens too quickly or without enough support it can be overwhelming. You may start to feel unsure of your decisions, become preoccupied or worry about the future and feel stuck. Regaining confidence and getting unstuck can take a deep dive into… Read More »

Emma Johnson

by rene marquez • August 29, 2019
Emma Johnson We don't often get to choose the things that happen to us or our children, but my aim in counseling is to empower you to respond and discover meaning in the midst of life's challenges, grief, and suffering. The environment I create is one of safety, openness, and trust. It is my ambition… Read More »

Jordan St. Charles

by rene marquez • August 28, 2019
Jordan St. Charles It’s common to feel as though you are alone and disconnected from the world when you have lost someone you love, go through a major life transition, have forgotten what it’s like to be happy, or can’t stop worrying. A strong connection lies at the heart of a positive therapeutic relationship and… Read More »

Alyssa Rosenow

by rene marquez • August 28, 2019
Alyssa Rosenow Scrolling. Not sure what you are looking for on the page? That is okay. We are all looking for that one thing that makes us stop scrolling, whether that be an image, a quote, or person that resonates with us, that speaks to us. We stop with the possibility that someone else might… Read More »

Maggie Schiffman

by rene marquez • August 28, 2019
Maggie Schiffman Life is weird and feelings are fickle! One day things are going great and you feel on top of the world; nothing can stop you from achieving success.  The next day, you get thrown a curve ball at work, bulldozed by an unexpected illness, or simply overcome by the day-to-day craziness of life and… Read More »

Mindy Glover

by rene marquez • August 28, 2019
Mindy Glover Unexpected loss. Infidelity in relationships. Paralyzing feeling of being stuck. Fears that no one will be able to understand you, or worse, be able to help you. These are all reasons why I would like to talk with you about how to maneuver the challenges that come with being human. I specialize in… Read More »

Hina Batool, M.A.

by rene marquez • August 28, 2019
Hina Batool, M.A. Life is not picture perfect, regardless of what our social media posts display. Behind the scenes, we may feel judged to share the imperfections life may bring. We experience challenging transitions and changes that can be overwhelming to navigate. It can be difficult to understand the many expectations that may be placed… Read More »