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LGBT people are prone to mental illness. It’s a truth we shouldn’t shy away from

by See Original Link • April 24, 2018

I almost didn’t write this. It wasn’t from not wanting to. I cradled my head in my hands, desperate to contribute to the reams of social media positivity I had seen surrounding Mental Health Awareness Week. I almost didn’t – couldn’t – because I was depressed. There came a certain point in my experience of being LGBT… Read More »

How I Healed Myself Of Shame

by See Original Link • April 20, 2018

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t feel shame. But I do have evidence that there was once a time when I was shame free. I have a photograph of me as a little baby, smiling with a twinkle in my eye. I look radiant and filled with joy. I have another photo of… Read More »

5 Myths We’re Taught About Relationships

by See Original Link • April 18, 2018

We’re taught a lot of myths when we’re children: “If you cross your eyes, they’ll get stuck!” “You can’t go swimming for 30 minutes after eating!” “If you touch a toad, you’ll get warts!” We’re also taught myths about relationships, like: “Compromise is key!” “Just be yourself!” “There is a ‘right’ person out there for… Read More »

Suicide prevention text services expand statewide in MN

by See Original Link • April 6, 2018

Life-saving services will reach more people throughout Minnesota April 2, 2018 Contact: Media inquiries only Sarah Berg Communications 651-431-4901 [email protected] Minnesotans across the state can now access suicide prevention and mental health crisis texting services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As of April 1, 2018, people who text MN to 741741 will… Read More »

Is your stress changing my brain?

by See Original Link • April 3, 2018

Jaideep Bains, professor in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, and Toni-Lee Sterley, postdoctoral fellow in Bains’ lab and the study’s lead author. Credit: Adrian Shellard, Hotchkiss Brain Institute. In a new study in Nature Neuroscience, Jaideep Bains, PhD, and his team at the Cumming School of Medicine’s Hotchkiss Brain Institute (HBI), at the University of… Read More »

Mental Health Conditions Are Legitimate Health Conditions

by See Original Link • March 30, 2018

It is widely accepted that if you have a health problem, you would see a medical professional who specializes in that problem’s proper treatment. If you have high cholesterol or are at risk of a heart attack, you see a cardiologist. If you have digestive problems, you see a gastroenterologist. If you have acne or… Read More »

How Depression Made Me A Man

by See Original Link • March 27, 2018

“Be strong!” “Toughen up!” “Don’t cry!” Never did someone stand over me as a kid and yell, “Let it out! It’s okay to cry! It’s human to hurt!” From my football coaches to my own father, it seems as though the social norm for men is to be some kind of impenetrable mountain of muscle… Read More »

5 Myths That Prevent Men From Fighting Depression

by See Original Link • March 23, 2018

Depression can be hard to talk about—so hard that a lot of men end up silently struggling for years, only to reach out when they’ve hit rock bottom. Others, sadly, don’t reach out at all. This is one of the reasons why men account for 3.5 times the number of suicides as women.And depression is one of… Read More »

Record Numbers of College Students Are Seeking Treatment for Depression and Anxiety — But Schools Can’t Keep Up

by See Original Link • March 20, 2018

Not long after Nelly Spigner arrived at the University of Richmond in 2014 as a Division I soccer player and aspiring surgeon, college began to feel like a pressure cooker. Overwhelmed by her busy soccer schedule and heavy course load, she found herself fixating on how each grade would bring her closer to medical school.… Read More »

Recovery and St. Patrick’s Day

by See Original Link • March 16, 2018

Most often, when people in recovery from alcohol and drug dependence think about getting through the Holidays and staying sober, they think about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. These Holidays are sometimes referred to as the Bermuda Triangle of relapse. March 17th is often forgotten in the mix of holidays, despite its association with pubs, drinking, and… Read More »