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How a Toxic Work Environment Affects Your Mental Health

by rene marquez • October 18, 2019

Learn how a toxic work environment can affect your mental health and ways that you can cope with workplace negativity

10 Things You Can Do in Your Daily Life to Improve Your Personal Development

by rene marquez • October 11, 2019

Learn how to get started today on improving your personal development!

In Minnesota, 4 out of 5 gun deaths are suicide

by Erin Weinberger • October 8, 2019

Juanita Jensen grew up in a gun family. She doesn’t hunt, but believes in the sport and is used to having guns around. And as the parents of five children, Juanita and her husband were careful to follow all the rules for firearm safety: Keep the guns separate from the bullets. Lock up everything. Enroll… Read More »

Three Simple Ways to Enhance Mental Health Resilience

by Amy Pierce • October 4, 2019

Learn exactly what mental health resilience is, and helpful tips on ways to develop resiliency throughout your lifetime

This Is When to See a Mental Health Professional About Your Anxiety

by Amy Pierce • September 27, 2019

Learn about the differences between feeling anxious and having and anxiety disorder.

Telehealth Training Day

by Erin Weinberger • September 23, 2019

  Here at CARE we are dedicated to making sure that our staff members are properly trained. Telehealth allows therapy to be provided to a much larger community of people. Ensuring that our staff members are appropriately trained is important to us. We want to make sure your time spent together with your clinician is… Read More »

Don’t ‘suck it up’ but talk it out: Cops get help for trauma

by Erin Weinberger • September 19, 2019

Police officers have high rates of heart disease and suicide and shorter life expectancy. Some might also suffer from what researchers call ‘compassion fatigue.’ Plymouth police Sgt. Jeff Dorfsman remembers he was eating dinner when a homicide call came through dispatch in the typically quiet western Twin Cities suburb. He and other officers on duty rushed to… Read More »

Smiling Depression: What You Need to Know

by Amy Pierce • September 17, 2019

Smiling Depression” is a term used for individuals experiencing depression on the inside while appearing completely happy on the outside. Read more about the features of smiling depression and how to recognize common symptoms.

7 Tips for Disciplining a Depressed Child

by Amy Pierce • September 13, 2019

Children with depression may require a different approach when it comes to discipline. Check out these 7 helpful tips for how to discipline your child if they are depressed.

The Healing Power of Telling Your Trauma Story

by Amy Pierce • September 9, 2019

Learn about the potential benefits you have to gain by talking about your traumatic experiences.


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