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3 Major Ways to Tackle Stress in Your Life

by Amy Pierce • December 21, 2018

Everyone agrees: Stress is terrible. It’s the thing that keeps you awake at night and unable to enjoy your day. Sometimes stress helps us prioritize the things that need doing now, but more often than not, it’s a terrible feeling that sucks the life out of you. At its worst, stress can increase your chances of… Read More »

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3 Effective Ways to Beat Morning Depression

by Amy Pierce • December 21, 2018

BY GREG MELBOURNE Do You Dread Having to Wake Up in the Mornings and Face the Day? 3 Ways to Beat Morning Depression Do you experience feelings of fatigue, extreme sadness or hopelessness first thing every morning? Perhaps these feelings fade as the day goes on, but they’re back again next morning. You could be experiencing… Read More »

7 Ways You Can Improve Your Concentration

by Amy Pierce • December 21, 2018

BY SIDANDREW881 Concentration and memory are the two key focus points for every individual. When you are concentrated, your memory automatically improves as you are able to retain the information for a longer period of time. Having a sharp memory and good concentration power is useful to people of all ages and all professional domains, whether… Read More »

Ten Tips to Help You Feel Happier

by Amy Pierce • December 21, 2018

BY WILLMAYO Happiness is an elusive concept, we all want it but not many of us can define what it actually is and even fewer how to get it. Unfortunately, a lot of us fall into the trap of the ‘I will be happy when’mentality. It’s an easy fix supported by our own psychology and propagated by the modern… Read More »

Don’t Get Crushed By Anxiety

by Amy Pierce • December 19, 2018

By Laura Greenstein Have you ever felt hesitant about approaching someone you met eyes with? Or felt nervous talking to someone you’re interested in? Or felt a knot in your stomach while finding the courage to ask someone on a date? Most likely, you’ve experienced at least one—or maybe all—of these feelings, because anxiety and… Read More »

The Power of a Morning Routine

by Amy Pierce • December 19, 2018

By Laura Greenstein It’s early. You don’t want to move, let alone get up and start the day. You feel drained. You’re cozy, all wrapped up in blankets. Thoughts about all that you should accomplish today floods your mind. You feel overwhelmed, so you hit “SNOOZE” one more time. Uh oh, now you’ve overslept. You’re… Read More »

Rules Of The Road For Succeeding In College With A Mood Disorder

by Amy Pierce • December 19, 2018

By Sharon Carnahan, Ph.D.   You’ve done it! High school is over and it’s time for college. Everyone is just so proud… and you’re alternating between wildly optimistic and sure of certain failure. As a person with a diagnosed mood disorder, you just barely survived high school—and that’s no exaggeration. Maybe you’ve accumulated a list of experiences that… Read More »

Preventing Mental Health Effects Of Divorce On Children

by Amy Pierce • December 19, 2018

By Michelle Manno   Researchers have found that teachers and other school personnel may show bias against children in divorced families without even realizing it. This bias can impact expectations about a student’s academic, social and emotional functioning. Even though children are amazing in their ability to navigate the changes and challenges of life, students who experience… Read More »

Mental Health In The Workplace: The Value Of Rest

by Amy Pierce • December 19, 2018

By Jennifer W. Adkins, Ph.D.   Earlier this week, I found a scrap of paper while cleaning that stopped me in my tracks. On it, I had written “take a year off” followed by a short list of commitments in my personal and professional life. The list included things I had entered into with excitement—like… Read More »

Can Social Media Save A Life?

by Amy Pierce • December 19, 2018

By Ryann Tanap   Like many who have social media accounts, I regularly check my timelines and feeds for intriguing articles, updates and happenings. Two years ago, I was mindlessly scrolling through one of my accounts before going to bed and one post immediately stood out among the rest: It was a suicide note. Frantically,… Read More »