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Why Suicide Reporting Guidelines Matter

by See Original Link • June 19, 2018

Many people have a difficult time understanding why the words we use are so important, especially on a topic like suicide. How can certain images or words influence a person’s willingness to take their own life? How can one suicide lead to another? How can conversations, articles, personal stories and media coverage about suicide carry… Read More »

6 Homeless LGBTQ Youths Share Their Stories

by See Original Link • June 15, 2018

When photographer Letizia Mariotti began meeting homeless LGBTQ youth in New York City, she felt a duty to help spread their stories. She began photographing the queer youth she encountered at LGBTQ gathering places and interviewing them about their experiences. All of the subjects of her photos live, or at one point have lived, at… Read More »

A Therapist’s Journey: Learning The Art Of Self-Soothing

by See Original Link • June 6, 2018

One day, I was standing on the back of my pickup truck and throwing away trash at the town dump when I had an experience that’s hard to describe. My head was swimming, my body felt electrified and I felt detached from the world and myself. A memory then trickled in: I was nine years… Read More »

Is It A Mental Health Problem? Or Just Puberty?

by See Original Link • June 1, 2018

We’re seeing epidemic levels of stress in children and teenagers, with increasing rates of clinical depression, anxiety and other coping problems. Fear, uncertainty and lack of control—factors that power stress—are ramped up in times of rapid, unpredictable change. And puberty is a time of massive change: hormonal, physical, sexual, social, cognitive and neurological. Puberty brings a level of volatility… Read More »

You Can’t Plan For Mental Illness

by See Original Link • May 29, 2018

My 5-year plan after finishing high school was simple: graduate from college in four years, then begin graduate school directly following graduation. It was easy for me to imagine a 5-year plan at 18 years old when my toughest challenge at that point had been taming my frizzy hair. My first two years of college… Read More »

How Schools Can Help Students Respond To Suicide

by See Original Link • May 22, 2018

The rate of teen suicide has steadily increased since 2005. Among youth ages 15-24 years old, suicide is the second leading cause of death. A ripple effect of needs is created when a teenage suicide death occurs. Responding appropriately is critical to ensuring that everyone affected—family, friends and the school community—receives the right type and amount of support. Grief… Read More »

The 7 Thought-Habits of Highly Self-Confident People

by See Original Link • May 18, 2018

Are there mental habits that will increase your self-confidence?  Most definitely. You’ll read about 7 such powerful thinking habits below. My last blog revealed the very best mental habit I know for building self-confidence: “The Daily Success Review.” This short and simple 3-minute procedure nudges you to tune into the little things you do right every day… Read More »

Ensuring Your Child Is Supported At School

by See Original Link • May 16, 2018

At least 1 in 5 school-aged children is affected by a mental health condition. The two most common conditions among children and adolescents are anxiety followed by depression, but children can have other difficulties that affect their ability to fully take part in and benefit from their classroom experiences. These include attention deficit-hyperactivity, autism spectrum disorder and eating disorders. Many… Read More »

Learning To Change In Order To Heal

by See Original Link • May 11, 2018

I was 21 years old and living in France. I had just graduated from college and was living near Paris when the symptoms began. I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I had never heard of mental illness; I did not think mental health existed. All I knew was that I couldn’t control what… Read More »

Preventing A Generation From Struggling In Silence

by See Original Link • May 9, 2018

We all know that education is incredibly important for a child’s development. But did you know that the time between toddlerhood and the teenage years (also known as “middle childhood”) is actually the best period for learning? According to anthropologist Benjamin Campbell, the human brain during this time is “organized enough to attempt mastery, yet still fluid,… Read More »