Join Meetings Online

As an external guest, you are able to join Virtual Office meetings online in a few clicks without the need for any downloads. Once you join a meeting online and join audio, you can collaborate with other participants in a flexible meeting experience.


If you join a meeting online, you are unable to invite participants from within the meeting or share your own on-screen content.

To join a Virtual Office meeting online:

  1. Open your email invitation to the desired Virtual Office meeting.
  2. In your invitation, click Join meeting to open a browser page.
  3. If a browser prompt pops up, decline it. In the page, click Join from your browser to launch a Virtual Office Meetings Online page in your browser.
  4. In the page that opens, include your full name with the Meeting ID that appears, and click Join meeting to launch the meeting.
  5. When prompted, join meeting audio.

Join Audio

Once you have joined a meeting online or via desktop, you can connect to meeting audio via your computer or by dialing in via phone. If you joined via mobile, you are automatically connected to audio. Let’s say your mobile battery is running low, or you need to step away from your computer after joining audio; if you need to switch your audio source, you can do so at any time during the meeting.
If you are unable to join audio despite having working audio devices, it is because the meeting has reached its maximum number of simultaneous audio streams.

To join audio via computer (online or desktop only):

In the Join audio prompt that pops up when you join a meeting, select Computer to join audio using your default computer audio and video devices. Other participants see a notification that you have joined the meeting.

To join audio via phone (online or desktop only):

  1. In the Join audio prompt that pops up when you join a meeting, select Phone.
  2. In the Join audio by phone prompt that pops up, you can select from the meeting’s associated dial-in numbers. If you are joining online, you can view all phone numbers by clicking the drop-down icon next to the default dial-in number, and select the desired number.

    Note: If you are joining a meeting that is hosted in another country, you can dial in using a phone number local to your country to avoid international fees. In your email invitation for the meeting, look for phone numbers originating in your country!

  3. Call the desired dial-in number, and at the prompt, dial the Meeting ID listed below the number and dial <#> to confirm and join meeting audio.

To switch audio source online or via desktop:

  1. While connected to meeting audio, open the More Options  menu in the meeting controls.
  2. From the menu, select:
    • Online: Disconnect Audio.
    • On desktop: Audio Options.
  3. Once you are disconnected from meeting audio, click the Connect Audio  icon to bring up the Join Audio prompt.
  4. Select the desired source to rejoin audio.

To switch audio source via mobile:

  1. While in a Virtual Office meeting, tap the More  icon to open a drop-down menu.
  2. From the drop-down, select Switch Audio, and then select from the options that pop up:
    Audio Option Function
    Wi-Fi Use only Wi-Fi data for audio in the meeting. If no Wi-Fi is available, you will be unable to connect to audio.
    Desk Phone Have the meeting call your desk phone (if available) for audio to supplement the meeting in the application.
    Cellular Voice Use only cellular voice data for audio in the meeting.
    Call Me Have the meeting call your mobile number for audio only, removing you from the meeting in the application. Note that you can only use audio callback if a participant from the host’s phone system is currently in the meeting.
    Disconnect Audio Disconnect from all audio, while staying in the meeting.

    Your audio data, device, or connectivity is changed as selected.


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