Holiday Stress Survival Tips

by Erin Weinberger • December 26, 2019

In International Falls, the last psychiatrist for 100 miles just retired

by Erin Weinberger • December 23, 2019

When Dr. Jeff Hardwig started his job as a psychiatrist in his hometown near the Canadian border, he wasn’t sure there was enough work for him. Pretty soon, it became clear that there was, in fact, plenty of work in International Falls, Minn., a town of 6,000 people. He split his time between a group family practice and community mental health center and… Read More »

Don’t let tech safety slip

by Erin Weinberger • December 20, 2019

The group of parents now raising tweens is the last to grow up — basically — without the Internet. The good news is that, having received our first email addresses on dinosaur systems as college students, we DO know how the web works. We all have Facebook (well almost all of us), plus most of… Read More »

Emotionally Intelligent Husbands are Key to a Lasting Marriage

by Erin Weinberger • December 13, 2019

What does it mean to accept your partner’s influence? And how do you do it? In the Japanese martial art of Aikido, there’s a central principle called Yield to Win, which is a method of using your opponent’s energy and actions against them to win a fight, rather than strong-arming them into submission. It allows you… Read More »

Role models and the benefits of therapy

by Erin Weinberger • December 9, 2019


Why Don’t Teachers Get Training on Mental Health Disorders

by Erin Weinberger • December 6, 2019

I love teaching writing; it’s where revelations happen, where children plumb the dark corners, nudge the sleeping dogs, and work out solutions to their most convoluted dilemmas. As much as I adore reading student work, I still get a little nervous about what I’ll find there. Among the stories of what my teenage students did… Read More »

Holiday Tips

by Dr. Alison Dolan • December 5, 2019

  I recently saw a meme on social media that said “It’s almost time for my normal anxiety to turn into my fancy holiday anxiety.” I had to chuckle when picturing anxiety showing up in a glittery ugly sweater or draped in all things sparkly. Humor aside, it shows that during the holidays, our existing… Read More »