Anxiety + Diabetes

by See Original Link • March 29, 2019

WRITTEN BY: Kristi Caporoso, MSW, LSW State(s) of Fear Anxiety has become one of the most commonly diagnosed mental illnesses in the United States. It seems everywhere you turn, someone is talking about it. Whether it’s their child or themselves that are afflicted, everyone and their mother seems to suffer from some level of anxiety.… Read More »

Diabetes Burnout

by See Original Link • March 29, 2019

WRITTEN BY: Mark Heyman, PhD, CDE Have you ever felt like you are just “done” with diabetes? Are you sick and tired of doing everything you’re supposed to do, but feel like your blood sugar is still out of control? Do you feel like you don’t care anymore about managing diabetes and want to just… Read More »

Depression and Its Relationship to Type 1

by See Original Link • March 29, 2019

Are depression and diabetes related? The simple answer: yes. Research shows that if you have diabetes, your risk of developing depression more than doubles. In fact, some studies show, that it could be as high as four times more likely. And while this information may seem like just one more thing to worry about, it’s important to address and… Read More »