Tips For Successful Family Therapy

by See Original Link • November 29, 2018

For most my life, my mom and I have had a turbulent relationship. Vague reassurances from others that “everyone has family problems” never helped with our nonsensical fighting or how I felt. I never knew what to do, but I knew it had to stop. Family relationships are sometimes responsible for life’s biggest conflicts. They’re… Read More »

Holiday Magic Is Made By Women. And It’s Killing Us.

by See Original Link • November 21, 2018

I have yet to send out my Christmas cards this year, but the various steps necessary to complete this task have been weaving through my mind for months. I booked a session with a photographer at the end of August. I picked out and shopped for outfits for the entire family in October. In November,… Read More »

Getting Older Veterans Proper Care

by See Original Link • November 13, 2018

In an era of ongoing armed conflict, the impact of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is more widely recognized than it was 40 years ago when veterans were knee-deep in the atrocities of the Vietnam War. In fact, PTSD wasn’t even recognized as a mental illness until 1980. While the disorder is more visible today, we usually only… Read More »

Making The 2018 Mid-Term Elections About Mental Health

by See Original Link • November 6, 2018

Throughout NAMI’s history, mental health advocates have shaped laws, increased funding and promoted research to address the inequalities and injustices facing people with mental illness in our country. In the last two years alone, NAMI advocates sent hundreds of thousands of emails to Capitol Hill and made countless phone calls and visits to their representatives… Read More »