Reflections On Medicine, Shame And Stigma

by See Original Link • September 25, 2018

As I was entering medical school, I found out that my mother had made a postpartum suicide attempt. I did not find out from her; it was shared with me in hushed tones by another family member who thought I should know, “now that I was going to be a doctor.” I was quite surprised… Read More »

How To Have A Healthy Relationship With Social Media

by See Original Link • September 14, 2018

Social media has allowed society to become more connected than ever. Over three billion people around the world use social media to engage with others, access the news and share information. In the U.S. alone, seven out of ten people are active social media users. Some would argue that social media is inherently bad for our health. Recent research… Read More »

5 Common Myths About Suicide Debunked

by See Original Link • September 8, 2018

Suicide affects all people. Within the past year, about 41,000 individuals died by suicide, 1.3 million adults have attempted suicide, 2.7 million adults have had a plan to attempt suicide and 9.3 million adults have had suicidal thoughts. Unfortunately, our society often paints suicide the way they would a prison sentence—a permanent situation that brands an individual. However, suicidal ideation is… Read More »