The Double Standard Of Mental Illness

by See Original Link • April 25, 2018

Mental health conditions are not the only illnesses to suffer from stigma: AIDS, leprosy and obesity are others. However, Princess Diana shook hands and shook the world at the same time. Antibiotics took care of leprosy and obesity receives a lot of attention from the media. But mental health…it still languishes in the shadows. It… Read More »

LGBT people are prone to mental illness. It’s a truth we shouldn’t shy away from

by See Original Link • April 24, 2018

I almost didn’t write this. It wasn’t from not wanting to. I cradled my head in my hands, desperate to contribute to the reams of social media positivity I had seen surrounding Mental Health Awareness Week. I almost didn’t – couldn’t – because I was depressed. There came a certain point in my experience of being LGBT… Read More »

How I Healed Myself Of Shame

by See Original Link • April 20, 2018

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t feel shame. But I do have evidence that there was once a time when I was shame free. I have a photograph of me as a little baby, smiling with a twinkle in my eye. I look radiant and filled with joy. I have another photo of… Read More »

5 Myths We’re Taught About Relationships

by See Original Link • April 18, 2018

We’re taught a lot of myths when we’re children: “If you cross your eyes, they’ll get stuck!” “You can’t go swimming for 30 minutes after eating!” “If you touch a toad, you’ll get warts!” We’re also taught myths about relationships, like: “Compromise is key!” “Just be yourself!” “There is a ‘right’ person out there for… Read More »

Suicide prevention text services expand statewide in MN

by See Original Link • April 6, 2018

Life-saving services will reach more people throughout Minnesota April 2, 2018 Contact: Media inquiries only Sarah Berg Communications 651-431-4901 Minnesotans across the state can now access suicide prevention and mental health crisis texting services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As of April 1, 2018, people who text MN to 741741 will… Read More »

Is your stress changing my brain?

by See Original Link • April 3, 2018

Jaideep Bains, professor in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, and Toni-Lee Sterley, postdoctoral fellow in Bains’ lab and the study’s lead author. Credit: Adrian Shellard, Hotchkiss Brain Institute. In a new study in Nature Neuroscience, Jaideep Bains, PhD, and his team at the Cumming School of Medicine’s Hotchkiss Brain Institute (HBI), at the University of… Read More »