Clinicians and Psychologists

Uptown Child & Adult Therapy
Michelle Hoffman, M.A., LMFT

Life is a journey and I would be honored to be a part of yours.  You are the expert on your life, your child’s life and your relationships.

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Edina S. Minneapolis Therapy
Stephanie Kalliman, M.A.

Life is complex.  Navigating the many turns through life’s journey can be challenging and rewarding.  It takes profound courage to ask for support along the way…

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Amber Manders, MS, LPCC

The hardest journey, is the journey inwards. It takes a lot of courage and strength to start that journey…

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Edina Therapy
Shannon Henry, MSW, LGSW

Walking through life can often feel lonely, challenging and stressful. When facing life’s transitions, we might experience sadness, sleep disturbance, loss of interest in things we normally enjoy, and anxiety and worry that seems overwhelming…

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Spanish Speaking Therapist
Mark Zaczkowski, MSW, LISCW
I believe that therapy is a unique and creative process every time it happens. I believe that it requires trust, bravery, openness and honesty that goes both ways. No matter who you are and why you might want therapy I will work hard to provide a safe and comfortable space…
lynn lake therapist
Emily Staples

There are many times throughout the journey of parenting when you may wonder if you’ve taken a wrong turn. Maybe things feel harder than you’d like right now…

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minneapolis therapist
Drea Tuotte, M.A.

Life is always changing, from season to season. Unexpected events can make it challenging to cope with your usual strength and confidence. Transitions in life such as beginning or ending school, a job, or a relationship can leave you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or lonely…

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minneapolis psychology
Heidi Bausch, M.A.

Sometimes life can feel like road construction – roadblock after roadblock, a short detour to long detour, and bumper-to-bumper traffic.

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Ben Dockter

Once upon a time, there was a child in pain and their parents tried everything in the book to help but it felt like nothing was working and they were lost with what to do next…

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south minneapolis therapist
Krista Murphy

I will work to make our sessions a safe place that you can bring the hardest challenges to and feel truly seen and heard. Together, we’ll develop a path forward rooted in your own personal strengths and values…

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twin cities therapist
Katie Ducklow, MSW, LGSW

Whether you come to talk about your own life or learn how to care for your child’s needs, I will work to make sure you feel supported, heard, and understood

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St. Louis Park psychology
Nicole Thorsten, MSW, LGSW

Life can throw us curveballs but you don’t have to figure it out alone. I specialize in exploring emotional and behavioral concerns to provide support that’s unique to you.

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St. Louis Park psychologist
Dr. Alison Dolan

I work to help you to illuminate your own unique story in recognizing challenges and strengths, while helping you find your own answers and path on your journey.

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Uptown Child & Adult Psychologist
Dr. Andrea Hutchinson

I understand that seeking out help and letting someone into your personal world can be hard; therefore, I take the time to empathically get to know you and your family.

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Golden Valley therapist
Melody Molina, M.S.

While seeking help may seem daunting, I will approach our sessions with empathy, warmth, and respect as you work towards healing.

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  • "Great counseling center that has very focused care. They make you feel comfortable and it's in the heart of uptown."
  • "Highly recommend. Andrea and team made us feel comfortable confident. Very unique space and comfortable space was a plus for our son."
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