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Millennials And Mental Health

by See Original Link • December 8, 2017

As a mother of two Millennials, I’ve noticed differences between their generation and mine. Like how they prefer to spend money on travel, amazing food and experiences rather than physical things like homes and cars. These aren’t negative qualities—just different. There is one difference I’ve noticed that is extremely positive: how they view mental health.… Read More »

In Depth: Eating Disorders in Men

by See Original Link • December 2, 2017

People often think “Eating disorders are a woman’s disease.” This myth is constantly reinforced by character portrayals on television, targeted advertisements, and even studies and articles that draw from exclusively female samples. The sad reality is that eating disorders affect any and all genders, and those who do not identify as female may even suffer… Read More »

How To Encourage Someone To See A Therapist

by See Original Link • November 24, 2017

It’s hard to watch someone you care about struggle with their mental health. It’s even worse when you know they could benefit from professional help. Approaching an individual and encouraging them to seek therapy can be a tricky situation. If done the wrong way, you could aggravate the person or turn them against the idea… Read More »

Can Social Media Save A Life?

by See Original Link • October 3, 2017

Like many who have social media accounts, I regularly check my timelines and feeds for intriguing articles, updates and happenings. Two years ago, I was mindlessly scrolling through one of my accounts before going to bed and one post immediately stood out among the rest: It was a suicide note. Frantically, I read my friend… Read More »

5 Reasons We Should Stop Distracting Toddlers (And What To Do Instead)

by See Original Link • April 26, 2017

Distraction is a popular “redirection” tactic for toddlers – but does it really help in the long run?

Why Executive Function Is A Vital Stepping-Stone For Kids’ Ability to Learn

by See Original Link • April 26, 2017

Take a peek at interventions to enhance a child’s executive functioning – strategies that can help raise IQ!