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The Importance Of Maintaining Mental Health In College

by See Original Link • September 5, 2017

Did you know that colleges and universities are more aware of college students’ mental health needs now than ever before? Thanks to current research findings, they are doing a much better job understanding the link between mental health and academic success. The American College Health Association informs colleges (and all of us) that mental health needs… Read More »

When Betrayal in a Dream Leads to Real-Life Conflict

by See Original Link • August 31, 2017

I don’t recognize the bedroom. The walls are black and bare, except for a chaotic painting hanging in a random corner. From the doorway, I see two people laced together on a bed. I’m embarrassed, because they’re naked, but I don’t think they know I’m here. There’s a woman whose voluptuous silhouette is blurred by… Read More »

Mental Health in the Workplace: The Value of Rest

by See Original Link • August 29, 2017

Earlier this week, I found a scrap of paper while cleaning that stopped me in my tracks. On it, I had written “take a year off” followed by a short list of commitments in my personal and professional life. The list included things I had entered into with excitement—like training other people in my profession… Read More »

Was Anyone Else Worried They Were Accidentally Going to Look Directly at the Eclipse?

by See Original Link • August 25, 2017

Don’t look at the eclipse, worried optometrists have been warning for weeks. It could cause serious, permanent eye damage, but you won’t even know it’s happening because you won’t feel it — our stupid retinas are apparently not equipped with pain receptors. And in some kind of horrifying twist out of a dark fairy tale, you won’t realize… Read More »

9 Signs You Should Break Up with Your Therapist

by See Original Link • June 8, 2017

Therapists work for you. Read these signs to determine if you need to “shop around” a bit more to get the help that you deserve!

5 No-Phone Zones for Parents and Kids Alike

by See Original Link • June 8, 2017

Technology is great….but so is tangible human interaction – check out these five “no phone zones” that can help strengthen family bonding!

Your Mental Health Is Just As Important As Your Physical Health

by See Original Link • April 28, 2017

A new year means New Year’s resolutions – resolve to improve your mental well-being as well as your physical health!

How to influence the way other people see you

by See Original Link • April 28, 2017

Fact: You haven’t the faintest idea how other people actually perceive you…..So how can you influence their perceptions?

How to Peacefully Teach and Set Clear Limits, Boundaries and Consequences with Your Child

by See Original Link • April 28, 2017

Kids can drive us nuts – learn how to keep your sanity with these tips!

‘Magic 6 hours’ could dramatically improve your relationship

by See Original Link • April 28, 2017

Do you have 6 hours a week to devote to your marriage? Find out how to keep the romance alive even when life gets busy!